Combatting gender stereotypes in Slovakia

16.05.2023 | News

The project “Various ways to equality” which is mostly realized in Prešov region, which means in Eastern Slovakia. This region has its specifics, which have an impact on the situation of men and women in society, in public and private life. Compared with other areas of Slovakia there are fewer job opportunities, and a lot of young and well-educated people are leaving for jobs in the western part of the country or even more west. The higher unemployment rate has a lot to do with the worst socioeconomic situation of inhabitants but is also connected with the more frequent appearance of socio-pathology in society – alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical violence.

As our organization is dealing with gender violence issues and we consider gender inequality one of the most important reasons for this we believe that is necessary and crucial to organize a systematical campaign focused on gender equality and the elimination of gender stereotypes. Recently we have a counselling office also in Bardejov district and most of our clients from out of Prešov district are from districts of Sabinov and Vranov nad Topľou we decided these districts into the project activities.

In this article which is published at the official website of the Norway grants is the project manager of  the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, Natália Kotuľáková talking about our project “Various ways to equality”.

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